Serving Together In Recovery

One of the Al-Anon tools of recovery is service. At the group level, it could mean setting up, welcoming newcomers, being a sponsor, or handling literature for the group. At the district level, you can be a group representative, be a service coordinator, or part of a committee (website, public outreach, office volunteers, hospitals/institutions, Alateen). If you are interested in doing service at the district level click, please contact us. Service is what keeps the Al-Anon program going! Here are some current opportunities:

Service Opportunities in the District

  • Southeast Interim Service Seminar

    Southeast Interim Service Seminar

    What is an ISS or Interim Service Seminar?  It happens every three years.  All those that serve on the state level (district reps, coordinators, officers) that live in a sector of the state plan a workshop together.

    The southeast sector, which encompasses AISDV, is holding this event.If you are looking to take your recovery to another level, meet people from the Philadelphia area and hear the experience, strength and hope from those who have practiced the principle of service to enhance their recovery, this is the event for you.

    Bring a friend – you won’t regret it!  It’s like having a mini convention for $5 in your backyard!

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  • Institutions Commitee

    Institutions Commitee

    We are looking for members who want to share their experience, strength and hope with those who can most benefit. We have  opportunities to meet with the families of residents at White Deer Run in Lancaster.   Meetings take place on the first and third Sundays at WDR, 51-53 West End Avenue.

    If interested,  contact Jack E. at 717-314-9317.

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